Dear Friends,

Our hearts are soaring! The People’s Inauguration was so powerful. We chose to inaugurate ourselves into this new era, anchored in love – and the ripple effects are spreading far and wide.

Here’s what we did together:

  • 115 million people reached online through virtual events, art, music, poetry, stories, and visions for the future.
  • 150+ partner organizations nation-wide brought communities together around the people’s oath.
  • 75+ visionaries took part, including artists such as Kerry Washington, America Ferrera and Marisa Tomei; thought leaders Baratunde Thurston and Van Jones; movement leaders Ai-Jen Poo and Sherrilyn Iffil, faith leaders Rev. William Barber III, Sister Simone Campbell, and many more.
  • 40,000+ people joined us on a ten-day journey through our teaching series 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love
  • Plus, we made headlines from CNN to NBC to People Magazine, reaching 432 million households worldwide.

Each of these numbers tells a story. About how we broke away from isolation, found a way to process our pain, recommit to our values, lift our gaze to the future — and imagine our role in it.

The heart of the People’s Inauguration was our teaching series: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love. It was rigorous and demanding, life-giving and joyful. Together we traveled through the rings of the revolutionary love compass, exploring what it means to love others, opponents, and ourselves in this era of transition.

Now we are receiving notes from across the country and around the world! From Oregon to Maine, Indiana to Pennsylvania, Canada to Palestine, we inaugurated ourselves into the labor of healing, reimagining, and rebirthing our society with courage and resilience.

If you weren’t able to join us for all of the teaching series, that’s OK! Lifetime access is available for a fee now through February 16th. Half of all proceeds go to support the non-profit work of the Revolutionary Love Project so that we can keep on.

If cost is prohibitive, check out the payment options at the bottom of this page. We want to put this curriculum into the hands of as many people as possible — educators, parents, faith leaders, community leaders, and learners of all backgrounds.

However you experienced the People’s Inauguration, whether through a momentary pause or a full ten day transformation, I hope that it gave you breath for the journey ahead.

Let’s keep breathing and pushing together,

What People are Saying about The People’s Inauguration


[T]hese 10 days will have been beyond any other transformational experience in my life. Heather D., People’s Inauguration participant

Kaur’s vision is, in short, to give birth to a new nation—not just a better nation, but one that has yet to exist… By building spaces of renewal, allowing ourselves to breathe and build strength, and committing ourselves to the hard work ahead, we can create a nation that not only includes communities of color but is reimagined by this uniquely beautiful and brave multiracial nation.  — Nonprofit Quarterly

What an incredible 10 days with @ValarieKaur’s @thePeoplesInauguration! I’ll be remembering its lessons for a lifetime.Joan O., People’s Inauguration participant

Kaur… wants us, as everyday citizens, to take this oath, asking how we are going to keep changing and leading with love and acceptance, treating people with dignity, and asking ourselves how we are going to take accountability for this. I thought that was really powerful, this idea of our own oath, and committing to this country that is really not finished. I guess no country is ever finished, because there are always ways to improve what has been started and what began – just because we began with something doesn’t mean it’s still the best thing. — Alicia Keys, Harper’s Bazaar

I feel an immense sense of heart opening and hope… Thank you for this example of a beloved community. — Jesica D., People’s Inauguration participant