It’s time to birth the beloved community.

Each of us has a role.
Are you ready for a revolution of the heart?

Welcome! This is a place for anyone who feels breathless. Your breathlessness is not a sign of your weakness; it is a sign of your bravery. It means that you are awake to what’s happening right now: The world is in transition. Out of this darkness, we have a chance to birth a new world — a healthy, multiracial, and sustainable future. But we need you to last. Your life matters. Your voice matters. You have a role to play. This is a place to nourish and equip you. Here you will find tools to practice revolutionary love — love for others, opponents, and ourselves — to transform the world around you and within you. It’s a practice that offers longevity, resilience, and joy. It begins with wonder.

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Revolutionary Love Learning Hub + Special 9/11 Anniversary Resources

We built the Revolutionary Love Learning Hub to accompany the book. It’s a free virtual platform with teaching videos and educational curricula, including special resources to teach & understand the decades-long impact of 9/11 on Sikhs + BIPOC communities.

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“Revolutionary Love is the call of our times. It is to look upon the face of anyone and say: You are a part of me I do not yet know.

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Artist Shephard Fairey brought my story and vision to life in this portrait called “Rebirth,” a collaboration with Amplifier Art

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Is this the darkness of the tomb or the darkness of the womb? The Watch Night address went viral around the world with 40 million views.

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