The Revolutionary Love Project, founded by civil rights leader and prophetic voice Valarie Kaur, inspires and equips people to build beloved community where they are. We teach core practices of revolutionary love, backed by research and infused with ancestral wisdom. Our team produces educational tools, training courses, artwork, films, music, and mass mobilizations that center the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. In an era of great transition, we believe that we can birth a world where we see no stranger. Each of us has a role. When we lead with love, we labor with joy.

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America is in transition. Sound government is necessary – but it’s not enough to create a society where we are all free.
This work belongs to us, the people.

The People’s Inauguration

On January 20, 2021, we celebrated democracy at work as a new President and historic Vice President made an oath of office. On January 21st, we made our own commitments — to do our part in healing, reimagining and rebuilding this country. Then, from January 22-31, we embarked on a free 10-day journey to deepen our commitment.Here’s what we did together:

    • 115 million people reached online through virtual events, art, music, poetry, stories, and visions for the future.
    • 150+ partner organizations nation-wide brought communities together around the people’s oath.
    • 75+ visionaries took part, including artists such as Kerry Washington, America Ferrera and Marisa Tomei; thought leaders Baratunde Thurston and Van Jones; movement leaders Ai-Jen Poo and Sherrilyn Iffil, faith leaders Rev. William Barber III, Sister Simone Campbell, and many more.
    • 40,000+ people joined us on a ten-day journey through our teaching series 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love
    • Plus, we made headlines from CNN to NBC to People Magazine, reaching 432 million households worldwide.

We invite you to keep the momentum going with “The People’s Inauguration: 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love” — a 10-day online journey that will equip and prepare you to put into practice the commitment you made with the people’s oath. The complete 10-Day series is now available for purchase from Sounds True, and proceeds from all sales go to support our work.

Join Valarie Kaur and an extraordinary community of visionaries, artists, activists, and healers to reclaim love as a force for justice and change in our world. The series will help us reckon with all we have lost and point us toward a vision of the society we can build together, grounded in love. In the wake of recent turmoil, violence, and insurrection, it is more important than ever to come together around justice, healing, and renewal.

More than 10,000 people gathered for a multiracial interfaith vigil to grieve and stand in solidarity with the Sikh community one week after the mass shooting in Indianapolis. The massacre touches the open wound of decades-long racial trauma. We were joined by faith leaders, artists, activists, and Sikh community members. It was a tapestry of testimony, witness, music, poetry, prayer, and song in the Sikh spirit of Chardi Kala. In the wake of so much racial trauma, we are modeling what America could be — a multiracial, multifaith beloved community. Visit to find out more.

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The Declaration of Revolutionary Love

We pledge to rise up in Revolutionary Love.

We declare our love for all who are in harm’s way — refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, queer and trans people, Black people, Indigenous people, Asian Americans, Latinx people, the disabled, women and girls, working-class people and poor people. We vow to see one another as brothers, sisters, and siblings. Our humanity binds us together, and we vow to fight for a world where all of us can flourish.

We declare love even for our opponents. We oppose all policies that threaten the rights and dignity of any person. We vow to fight not with violence or vitriol, but by challenging the cultures and institutions that promote hate. In this way, we will challenge our opponents through the ethic of love.

We declare love for ourselves. We will protect our capacity for joy. We will rise and dance. We will honor our ancestors whose bodies, breath, and blood call us to a life of courage. In their name, we choose to see this darkness not as the darkness of the tomb – but of the womb. We will breathe and push through the pain of this era to birth a new future.

The Revolutionary Love Learning Hub

The Learning Hub equips us to practice revolutionary love as a tool for personal and political transformation. The lessons offer a guide to teaching and learning about revolutionary love in classrooms and community spaces, and can be used by individuals for their own independent learning. It draws upon Valarie Kaur’s book See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.

“The future is dark — Is this the darkness of the tomb, or the darkness of the womb? Is our nation dead or still waiting to be born? We choose to believe that our nation is in transition. We are in labor. Labor requires pain — and love. Revolutionary Love is the call of our times.” – Valarie Kaur, civil rights leader and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

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The Revolutionary Love Project is a project of Community Partners, a nonprofit fiscal sponsor and intermediary organization that provides us with administrative services, expert guidance, and the benefits of tax-exempt status.