Valarie speaks widely on Revolutionary Love.


Valarie’s programs for universities, colleges and law schools focus on religion, racism, storytelling, progressive lawyering and more.


Programs focus on experiencing the sacred, mobilizing faith-based action, and building community.


Programs for students and teachers in K-12 public and private schools focus on inclusiveness, civil rights, and stereotypes.


Guidance for organizations committed to supporting diversity and to healing the wounds caused by ignorance and fear.


Program for police departments focus on civil rights, stereotypes and unconscious bias.


Valarie delivers dynamic keynote lectures for large audiences or lead intimate workshops and discussions for small groups.

If you are interested in a program for your campus or community, below are some of the keynote addresses, lectures, films, and workshops delivered in 300 cities in North America and around the world.

Keynotes include:

  • “Revolutionary Love: The Call of Our Times”
  • “Building a Groundswell for Justice in a Multifaith America”
  • “The Sikh Faith: Walking the Path of Spiritually-Grounded Service”
  • “A New Generation of Women’s Leadership and the Meaning of Success”
  • “The Quest for Civil Rights: from 9/11 to Guantanamo”
  • “Breaking the Walls: Inside U.S. Prisons and Solitary Confinement”
  • “Divided We Fall: Race, Religion, and Ending Hate in America”
  • “The Law as Sword and Shield: Pursuing a Life of Public Service”
  • “Innovating on the Frontier: A Free, Open, and Democratic Internet”

Workshops and trainings include:

  • “Social Action Campaigns: How to Use Story to Organize for Change”
  • “Writing the Opinion Essay: How to Speak Truth to Power, in 800 Words”
  • “Media Training: Enlighten & Inspire in a Soundbite Culture”
  • “Social Media Training: Reshaping the World, 140 Characters at a Time”
  • “Documentary Film Workshop 101: How to Tell a Story on Screen”
  • “Ethics Workshop for Documentarians: Drawing Close to the Storyteller’s Mouth”
  • “Visual Advocacy for Lawyers: How to Use Film for Clients and Causes”
  • “Wellness Workshop for Activists: Self-Care is a Revolutionary Act”
  • “Diversity Training for Workplaces and Campuses: A Mosaic Not a Melting Pot”
  • “A New Kind of Interfaith Dialogue: Reading the Body as Text”
  • “Embodied Dialogue on Race and Diversity: Crossing the Line”

Film screenings, Q&As, and group dialogues include:

For media or booking inquiries, contact Annette Luba-Lucas at

Kind Words

Valarie Kaur was one of the most exceptional speakers/ thinkers I have ever heard…[She] is one of the most compelling young voices in America today.”

Melissa Harris-Perry, Leading scholar on American politics and MSNBC Commentator

“Be ready to be moved and inspired, be ready to be motivated, be ready to open your hearts and expand your mind.”

—America Ferrera,  award-winning actress, producer and activist

“Valarie Kaur, a precocious storyteller, is both eloquent and knowledgable. I hope she will continue to tell our stories in the future.”

– Congressman Mike Honda, 15th Congressional District, California

“Valarie gave the best Martin Luther King talk in 27 years at Florida International University.  Dr. King would have smiled with delight, as I did!” 

– Professor Marcia Magnus, Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work, Florida International University

“Valarie Kaur, the filmmaker whose literal and spiritual journey the movie chronicles, is a woman of extraordinary courage and vision, who is not afraid to confront the hardest questions and whose compassion and generosity of heart allow her to share with the rest of us both the triumphs and struggles of her journey.”

— Reverend Debbie Shew, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

“[Divided We Fall] is a truly humble, human film that is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting, historic and modern, and in all ways relevant to the experience of being American.”

— Kal Penn, film star of The Namesake and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

“Valarie Kaur steered a brave course straight into hate violence that beset the Sikh community in the aftermath of 9/11… [Her] film [Divided We Fall] is an extraordinary gift and a starting point for the new dialogue on race and religion that is essential for America’s future.”

— Diana Eck, leading Harvard religion scholar and author of The New Religious America

“[Sharat Raju and Valarie Kaur’s] stunning film [Divided We Fall] could not have arrived at a more significant time in our nation’s history… It is the must see film of the year for all thoughtful people.”

– Philip Zimbardo, leading American psychologist, former director of the Stanford Prison Experiment, and author of The Lucifer Effect

“[Sharat Raju and Valarie Kaur’s] extraordinary film [Divided We Fall] shows us who we have been to remind us of who we need to be. Moving, terrifying, astonishing but hopeful as it inspires us to become who we believe we are.”

– Lawrence Lessig, leading Harvard legal scholar and best-selling author

“Valarie Kaur’s brilliant debut film [Divided We Fall] is a tour de force: shocking and disturbing yet at the same time deeply moving and ultimately inspiring. Not to be missed.”

— Amy Chua, The New York Times best-selling author of World on Fire and Day of Empire

“How quiet can 1,000 people be? When Valarie Kaur spoke… the Minneapolis Convention Center was so silent that the only sound was that of the muted traffic from nearby 12th Street. Kaur, the keynote speaker at our It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race, held the audience spellbound…”

— Becky Roloff, CEO of the Young Women’s Christian Association (MN)

“Valarie Kaur helps us unite in our shared, common humanity. Her story reveals what we each can do: find our way without fear and be truth tellers. May her courage rub off on all of us!”

— Frances Moore-Lappe, activist and best-selling author of Diet for a Small Planet