VIDEO: Reimagining America

This fourth of July, WATCH this powerful event — Valarie Kaur in conversation with Van Jones and Chris Jackson on reimagining America.


Dear Friends,

Tens of thousands of you tuned into our virtual event that celebrated the launch of Valarie Kaur’s debut book See No Stranger! It was a stunning, powerful and moving evening with Van Jones, and Chris Jackson on how to reimagine and remake America.

This fourth of July, as we reflect on the long labor for justice in America, we invite you to watch (or re-watch) this event.

Then, after the long weekend, join us as we begin our virtual book clubs! They book clubs will run for 10 weeks. Hosted by Dream Corps, these book clubs are a place to find community, read together, learn together, and grow together in the practices of revolutionary love. This is the last call to sign-up – we begin next week!

Revolutions do not only happen in big grand public moments, but in the spaces where people come together to practice a new way of being. Join us as we seed pockets of revolutionary love!

In love and solidarity,

The Revolutionary Love Team


America needs to reconcile with itself and do the work of apology: To say to indigenous, black, and brown people, we take full ownership for what we did. To say, we owe you everything. To say, we see how harm runs through generations. To say, we own this legacy and will not harm you again. To promise the non-repetition of harm would require nothing less than transitioning the nation as a whole. It would mean retiring the old narrative about who we are—a city on a hill—and embracing a new narrative of an America longing to be born, a nation whose promise lies in the future, a nation we can only realize by doing the labor: reckoning with the past, reconciling with ourselves, restructuring our institutions, and letting those who have been most harmed be the ones to lead us through the transition.”

– Valarie Kaur, See No Stranger: A Memoir & Manifesto of Revolutionary Love

A few clips from our latest event:

To everyone who is waking up right now…


Revolutionary Love can be our North Star…


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Artwork courtesy of the March to Honor Black and Indigenous Activists.