Dear Friends, There is a cavern in my chest. One week ago today, we lost a giant in the labor for racial justice. Congressman John Lewis' indefatigable commitment to civil rights spans close to six decades. He became our nation's moral conscience. He was arrested, beaten bloody, skull fractured. And still he showed up to the labor, over and over, urging us to never to fear getting into good and necessary trouble. What does it mean for us to be as brave as the ancestors we cherish?   Practice. Together. So that we may become good ancestors one day. There is still time to join our revolutionary book clubs to be in the company of other good troublemakers. Click here join us!   As the death toll from the pandemic surpasses 140,000, disproportionately black and brown people, as more arrests have been made for protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor than there have been for the actual murder of Breonna Taylor, as we stare down an election season rife with obstacles, we are called to be as brave as Congressman Lewis. He anchored his life in the ethic of love -- and showed us that revolutionary love can only be practiced in community.   This is why I am so grateful to be building this community with you. A few weeks ago, my book See No Stranger was released and we created more than forty virtual events and live conversations! Now hundreds of you are gathering in book clubs across the globe to read and practice together. Last week, we held our first webinar with poet Brynn Saito, my dear friend who appears in the book and teaches me about ancestral solidarity.   And soon -- we will release an online learning hub for revolutionary love! The learning hub will feature practices, tools, and reader's guides for you to bring the practices of revolutionary love into your life and activism. It is almost ready for release. We are making the final tweaks now. My team and I cannot wait to share this with you. Stay tuned.   May we be brave in our grief. May we be brave with our lives. May we be good ancestors one day.   - Valarie and the Revolutionary Love Team[/vc_column_text]

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