My Beloveds,

I’m so excited to announce new artwork for our movement! Artist Shepard Fairey has created new logos that represent each of the 10 practices of Revolutionary Love! This is a limited edition collaboration with Amplifier Art, created just for us.

You can receive these 10 silkscreen stickers in the mail when you support Amplifier Art’s kickstarter campaign with a donation of $15. The last day to donate is July 31st.

listen – push – transition – rage – joy
breathe – wonder – grieve – reimagine – fight

Go to the Revolutionary Love Learning Hub
to explore each of these 10 practices in depth!

Your donation will support Amplifier’s kickstarter for their new series REFRAME. It features visionaries who are helping us reimagine a shared future. The first portrait in the series was the one Shepard Fairey created for me, called “REBIRTH.” It uses augmented reality. So when you point your phone at it, I come alive and start talking to you about why revolutionary love is the call of our times!

I was moved to tell Amplifier about some of the leaders who inspire me and who we work alongside as midwives in this era of rebirth: Ai-Jen Poo of the Domestic Workers Alliance is reimagining care in America; Allie Young of Ride to the Polls is lighting the future with indigenous wisdom; adrienne maree brown of Pleasure Activism is anchoring our justice work in pleasure and joy; Sr. Simone Campbell of Nuns on the Bus is modeling longevity and courage in the labor. These visionaries joined me in our People’s Inauguration in January.

Now, after months of work by skillful artists, Amplifier has released new iconic portraits of these leaders as part of their REFRAME series. All of these portraits are AR-activated like mine, which means that when you point your phone at us, we come alive and speak to you directly about our visions for the future.

The goal of Amplifier’s kickstarter is to bring our portraits and messages to the nation. Imagine children looking up to find our portraits on the walls of their classrooms. Imagine these portraits on billboards across America. What if we could ignite our collective imagination in every corner of this country?

We are proud to support Amplifier’s vision and invite you to show them some love with us. Donate today to get your Revolutionary Love stickers and help fuel the culture work that will change the world. And when you donate $40, $50, or $100 to Amplifier’s kickstarter, you get our portraits in the mail.

If you are an educator, scroll all the way down on their site and sign up to receive this art for your classroom for free! May you use this artwork to inspire and equip the next generation.


The artwork in the header and photos 2 & 3 are by Shepard Fairey. Photos 4 & 5 feature artwork by Noah Denmon, LMNOPI, Shepard Fairey, and Ernesto Yerena.