Many of us are longing to experience a season of joy, but we feel winter’s darkness spreading in the midst of relentless violence, cruelty, and dehumanization. Here at the Revolutionary Love Project, we believe that if we pause to breathe together, we can find wisdom, even joy, inside the struggle.

This holiday season, we are excited to offer you a short series of video conversations with thought leaders in our movement who offer deep wisdom — Parker Palmer, America Ferrera, Sharon Brous, Traci Blackmon and more. We will be sending you a new video each week this month as a gift of moral sustenance. We are calling the series “Your Holiday Treasure Chest.”

Here is your first gem! A conversation with author, activist, teacher and luminary Parker Palmer and our founder Valarie Kaur at Middle Church’s 2018 Revolutionary Love Conference. Parker and Valarie have developed a remarkable intergenerational friendship: He offers her insights drawn from decades of experience; she inspires him with a next-generation vision of fighting for justice. In the course of their friendship, Parker has come to call Valarie’s framework for Revolutionary Love “the new non-violence.”

Watch their conversation before a live audience as they reflect on life and death and love. Then check out Parker’s marvelous new book On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old, which includes a feature of our work at the Revolutionary Love Project!

May you breathe deeply this holiday season. May you be safe and sustained by love.

In Chardi Kala, ever-rising spirits even in the dark —
Amy, Melissa, Julianna, Elizabeth, and the Revolutionary Love Team

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Or Watch Selected Excerpts:

Praise for Parker Palmer’s New Book, On the Brink of Everything

“Parker Palmer has been a mentor and midwife to countless young people in my generation, including me. When I was in my twenties standing at a crossroads, his book Let Your Life Speak inspired me to pursue an untraditional path as an activist-artist; he released the music within me. Now in my thirties, as the cacophony of vitriol and violence becomes deafening, his friendship teaches me how to remain faithful to my own melodies and keep playing them. In the darkness, Parker has taught me how to wonder at the night sky, keep death in my mind’s eye, and listen to the wisdom of my grandfather and ancestors, whose music lives within mine. He has poured these insights into a book that feels more like a treasure chest. On the Brink of Everything is filled with gems of wisdom, each a prism that helps us see our own vast interiority and sing our own truths. My greatest aspiration is to journey through life and arrive at the brink as Parker has, with humility and faithfulness, and pockets full of gems.” —Valarie Kaur, civil rights activist, lawyer, filmmaker, and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

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