Special Invite: Will you join us to Get Out the Vote?

We have 12 days left to Election Day — an election that will determine the course of our future and character of our nation.

Are you planning to vote but want to do something more?

Traveling the country this fall, I witnessed up close how this election season has vilified, shamed, and intimidated communities of color — especially Muslim Americans. With every new threat of voter intimidation at the polls, Muslim families worry that they may not be able to exercise the sacred and fundamental right to vote.

But we can change that — together.

Can you donate 3 hours to make calls to Muslim American families and Get Out the Vote in Florida?

I met a team of passionate young Muslim leaders working hard to get their community to the polls in Florida, a critical state in every presidential election. They need our help.

If we make calls to Muslim American families to give them their polling information, it dramatically increases the likelihood that they will vote — and feel supported by their fellow Americans.

It’s simple: We set you up on a virtual phone bank. You get a list of phone numbers and a script, and can make calls each day from home, work, or at a phoning party with friends. You don’t persuade anyone; you simply provide them with key information to make it easier for them to vote. This is a non-partisan effort — and a powerful and loving way to make democracy work.

We are proud to partner with Emerge USA, an organization that activates the American Muslim community to be a strong voice in the political process. Together we are standing by for you with training and support. Our next training will be next Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 7PM ET / 4PM PT — we’ll send you details after you sign up.

Will you join us to Get Out the Vote? Sign up here.

I believe that this is a beautiful and urgent way to show up with love this election season. Last month, my team and I launched the Revolutionary Love™ Project by seeding 100+ dialogues and film screenings on the theme of combating racism and hate with social action rooted in love. Next, I took this message on the road in a first-ever women’s speaking tour called Together, reaching 20,000+ people in packed theaters across America.

Now we turn our love into action.

What better way than to stand in solidarity with a community in need, on the eve of an election that will shape America’s future?

Our goal is to make 10,000 calls. We’re focusing our efforts on the State of Florida, which will be closely watched this election.

Together we can demonstrate the best of America — a nation where we celebrate our diversity and empower every American to exercise their right to vote and be heard as equal citizens. Because the way we make change is just as important as the change we make.

Sign up today. Forward this to friends.

In Revolutionary Love,

Valarie Kaur




*Photo taken from AIGA.com