An Interfaith Thanksgiving

I am thankful that the International Business Times included me in their article on the ways in which different faiths celebrate Thanksgiving. You can read the article and my quote in it here.

Also, here is the rest of the text from my interview:

“Many Sikhs choose to commemorate the holiday through the core Sikh practice of seva, or ‘spiritually grounded service.’ The Sikh commitment to seva inspires the tradition of ‘langar’ — a free communal meal served to anyone who walks into a Sikh gurdwara (house of worship) in America and around the world. On Thanksgiving, many American Sikh families will take the tradition of langar out to the community, serving free meals at homeless shelters as a way to practice their faith and celebrate the holiday. Also, many younger American Sikhs like myself understand the problematic roots of the holiday — the story of pilgrims breaking bread with Native Americans sadly eclipses a history of war, genocide, and disease. However, just like other socially conscious Millennials, we reclaim the holiday as an opportunity to reflect on gratitude with our families, share abundance with those in need, and serve our communities.”