New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service

New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service

On New Year’s Eve I joined with other faith leaders at the Watch Night Service at the historic Metropolitan AME Church in DC. There was part of my soul that had been shattered since the election — a part that no one could reach. But the entire service — testimonies, music and song — touched and healed that part of me. So deep, I didn’t even know it needed to be healed until it happened. I will never forget standing there, tears streaming down my face with the deep knowledge that I will not bow down in the fire; I will not stand down, no matter how tired. Thanks to William J. Barber, II for that gift. Whatever I gave, I received ten-fold. #RevolutionaryLove #MoralRevival
The full text to my portion of this service was published by the Washington Post.

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  • So very beautiful and courageous. I am truly inspired. You reminded me: the light NEVER fails. Much love and many blessings to you always.

  • FYI: When I attempted to video your video again on this blog I got the little dot that keeps circling around and no video.
    Sharing your personal story and weaving this in to current trends in our nation was compelling, powerful and heartful. Thank you. I am sharing this with friends. You are a gifted, eloquent speaker.

    Freedom of religion is our basic Constitutional right. Sadly, this is currently definitely being eroded. People are being held in suspicion and mistreated who have no harmful intentions against others because of the actions of extremists with whom they have no association.

    These are false assumptions of who is objectively a danger to people living in the US: In reality, since 1981, 64% of mass shootings have been done boy white persons, the vast majority of them men. Now, that is a significant statistic that is not being discussed or addressed. Also, as a Caucasian woman I grew up in a Mexican majority farming town. The people living there, citizens and immigrants both of Mexican origin were 99% of the time the most ethical, family oriented, industrious, generous, humble, smart and kind people I have ever known, yet the current President during his campaign presented these people in such a distorted negative light. All of us here are immigrants, aside from the Native peoples from this land. Although there is a movement rising now against immigrants and people of color, the reality is that diversity is key to strength in biology and in humanity and we are and I pray will remain a strong, free and robustly diverse nation. I believe in this and pledge to work to KEEP America great, because by our diversity we ARE great.

  • Just got back from Women’s March in Washington. So inspiring and uplifting. Then came home and found this from Watch Night on FB. I am a midwife and watching this was in a more personal way exactly what I got from the Women’s March. It is my new metaphor for what we are experiencing and what we must do. Breathe, then push. Perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Hi, Ms. Kaur. I just watched your speech and I am so moved. I love that your call for a Moral Revival does not leave faiths who aren’t Christian out in the cold, as the phrase “religious revival” might. I am Wiccan. One of our beliefs is that the God/dess is our mother, we come from the Earth, we are all One–all people, all animals, the air, the waters, the trees–and also that our way is not the ONLY way and that Nature shows us the true beauty that is Diversity and Change.

    When you said “The darkness of the womb,” I began to cry, because as a former midwife, I have been privileged to welcome dozens of gorgeous little human beings into my hands and into the World. And we have to recognize the human morality and necessity of making it a JUST world, an EQUAL world.

    In the feminist movement, up till recently a lot of us have been pretty oblivious about certain things. Many women of color in my community are now telling us that they have not felt represented or welcomed by the feminist movement–most particularly the Women’s March. There was a wholesale change in leadership to make our group of 15,000 women (the online group) much more inclusive. And now many women are also interested in continuing our activism by attending the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in support of Equal Rights and Police Reform. We can never say we have Equal Rights until EVERYONE has Equal Rights.

    I pray that we labor hard and that we labor well. That we breathe, and that we PUSH. Finally, I pray that we are in the darkness of the womb, and that our society is on the cusp of its HEALING AND REBIRTH AS A BEAUTIFUL, MORAL & UPRIGHT RAINBOW NATION!
    Sincerely, Heather Wales RN MSN

  • This has been rolling around Facebook for a while now, but I wanted to come here and tell you THANK YOU. I too am feeling darkness but then I find people like you leading so passionately, so beautifully, so powerfully. Helping our country, our world to rise up… Every time I am worried, I watch this. Thank you.

  • Bless you beauty soul… What a powerful, poignant message and so well delivered. These times are opening up a wealth of community I had no idea existed. Souls being opened to the truth and fearlessly expressing it. As a mother of 5, grandmother to 6 children… I know about birth. I know about breath. I know about how hard it is and THANK YOU for making this connection for us. Blessed Be

  • How can there be no comments on this post? I have tears streaming down my face. This is the America that I love. Your testimony to Love and Truth will inspire so many. Thank you so much. You are a bright star in this dark night.

  • Wow! What a powerful witness. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this message of hope–we all need it desperately right now, in this moment of darkness…something beautiful is about to be born!

  • Beautiful. Just beautiful. Stories about life. Stories for life. Love the female imagery of this. You offer hope to us in a time of great darkness. “Breathe. And push. ” Thank you.

  • Valarie,

    Very powerful words. This touched me, and I appreciate deeply your point of view and the format that you shared it in. Thank you for the powerful message of hope. And for the challenge to rise daily and re-engage.

  • Is there any chance you would share with me the text to your speech? I would like to share it with a few people who will not be able to hear it, but could read it. I was profoundly touched and it would make me very happy to be able to share your words with others that I know would be touched too.

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