Nineteen years ago today, a Sikh father was murdered in front of his store in Mesa, Arizona by a man who called himself a patriot. Balbir Singh Sodhi became the first person killed in thousands of acts of hate in the aftermath of the horror of 9/11.

The stories of See No Stranger come to life in our award-winning film Divided We Fall. The film has been used on 300+ campuses to spark dialogue and reflection regarding hate, bigotry, and belonging. It is now available online for free and comes with up-to-date teacher´s guides and dialogue questions to use in your classroom, house of worship, or even your living room. Check out resources here. You can also order a DVD of the film on Amazon here.

Fifteen years after Balbir Sodhi’s murder, his brother Rana and Valarie Kaur did something that was previously unthinkable. They asked: Who is the one person we have not yet tried to love? They decided to call his murderer. Their conversation was recorded. Watch, read, and listen to their encounter in order to explore themes of forgiveness, reckoning, and reconciliation.