If you watch one thing this election season, let it be this impassioned call from our founder Valarie Kaur to keep breathing & pushing towards November 3rd.

Dear Friends,

Election day in the U.S. is less than three weeks away. This election will determine our collective future. It comes amidst a global pandemic and widespread voter suppression that make navigating the voting process hard.

Are you voting by #MaskorMail? We’ve partnered with our friends at Harness to bring you everything you need this election.

Go here for everything you need to make sure you are registered, create a voting plan, and Squad Up by committing to remind three people to vote. 

When you Squad Up you’ll receive tools and tips on how to engage friends and family to get out the vote. We all have a role to play to help ensure all of our voices are heard in this election.

And if you are planning on voting by mail, this week is crucial in the timeline to cast your ballot! Request your ballot if you’re not voting from home this year and track your ballot at ByMaskorMail.org. Share your voting plan with us on social media using the hashtag #MaskorMail.

At a time when it’s this dark, when the fires are this bright, when the future is this uncertain, each of us can summon the ancestor we need at our back. We can be brave with our grief and harness our rage into the action necessary to midwife our nation in this time of transition. We can hear the words of beloved Justice Ginsburg in our ears, urging us to fight for the things we care about in a way that will lead others to join us. We can call upon the sage wisdom of the man who labored for justice his entire life, Rep. John Lewis: “This is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, rather it is the struggle of a lifetime,” and we shouldn’t be afraid to “make some noise and get in good, necessary trouble.”

We will show up for our democracy. We will continue to breathe and push after each vote is counted, no matter what happens. Because together we can move beyond resistance to reimagine the world.In love and solidarity,

The Revolutionary Love Team

P.S. Scroll down for more ways to breathe and push this election season

‘Vote Early’ artwork created by @leigh.corbett for @culturestrike on Instagram

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