Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce our first-ever audio course, a special collaboration with Sounds True: The Revolutionary Love Training Course.

Take our new audio course now!
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How do we love when it’s hard? How do we tend the wounds in ourselves, and others? Amid the challenges of daily life, what are the ways we can find breath, pleasure, and joy in our bodies and in our labors for justice? What does it feel like to “see no stranger” as a way of being in the world?

This course is the deepest dive yet into the revolutionary love compass! It features ten sessions to equip you to practice revolutionary love as a way of orienting to your life and the world. If you are ready for deep transformation that bridges the political and personal, spirituality and social justice, this course is for you. Through teachings, storytelling, guided inquiries, and home practices you will:

  • explore the ten core practices of revolutionary love 
  • gain intimacy with the most powerful emotions and energies moving through you
  • re/discover your sense of agency & your role in this era 
  • begin to experience revolutionary love as an orientation to life
  • draw upon your deepest wisdom as a daily practice
  • learn how to seed a pocket of revolutionary love where you are

I recorded this training course shortly after the People’s Inauguration this year, where 40,000+ of you showed up for our series “10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love.” Your enthusiasm was electrifying, and your requests for more came through loud and clear. I wanted to give you a way to carry the revolutionary love compass with you wherever you went. And so The Revolutionary Love Training Course was born!

Purchase the CD set! Or pop in some earbuds and take me on a walk with you when you purchase the audio download!

May this course be a companion to you as you show up with bravery to your life each day, and to the role only you can play. When fear and despair threaten to paralyze you, may this course help return you to the deepest wisdom within you. May you find meaning and safety and joy in beloved community. Anti-racism is the bridge; beloved community is the destination. Let’s birth the beloved community by becoming it, here and now.


P.S. You can use this audio course along with our learning hub available for free here. As you take the course, let me know what you think! Message me at @valariekaur on Instagram.