Music, books, courses, even jewelry! Here are ways to spread revolutionary love with one-of-a-kind gifts!

This new audio training course is the deepest dive yet into the practices of revolutionary love! How do we love when it’s hard? How do we tend the wounds in ourselves, and others? What are the ways we can find breath, pleasure, and joy in our bodies and in our labors for justice? In ten powerful sessions, explore how to make love your compass.

Gift this course to someone in your life ready for transformation that bridges the political and personal, spirituality and social justice.

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The paperback of SEE NO STRANGER just made #1 on the LA Times Bestseller list! The paperback is artwork, a cultural artifact, and a book. The groundbreaking cover features the portrait “Rebirth” by  iconic artist Shepard Fairey. It’s the first book in history that brings the author to life through augmented reality. Simply download an app and hover your phone over the portrait. This book presages the future, inside and out!

This book is a guide to changing the world, a perfect gift for artists and activists, educators and emerging leaders, or anyone seeking inspiration and wisdom this holiday season.

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Legendary artist Ani DiFranco‘s new album Revolutionary Love was inspired by our movement. Now Righteous Babe Records has bundled the hardcover of SEE NO STRANGER with the album Revolutionary Love to make make the perfect pair! Ani penned the title track of the album after reading the first draft of Valarie’s manuscript, turning her words into song.

A perfect gift to share revolutionary love with the music enthusiasts in your life! As we labor for justice with joy,
Revolutionary Love be our soundtrack!

Purchase the album + book bundle here!

The single-best inauguration into revolutionary love as a movement! In teaching videos, guided inquiries, and home practices, Valarie leads you through ten practices to transform your life and our world. It features powerful and illuminating discussions with 30+ visionary leaders, including Rev. William J. Barber II, adrienne maree brown, Sister Simone Campbell, America Ferrera, Van Jones, Rev. Otis Moss III, Baratunde Thurston, Van Jones, Rev. angel Kyodo Williams, Allie Young and more. 

A special gift for someone ready for inspiration and beloved community — the best entry into revolutionary love as a  movement.

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This beautiful jewelry is ethically sourced and stunning. Reflective Jewelry is the only Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the U.S. and we are proud to partner with them! They will donate 20% of your purchase to the Revolutionary Love Project this holiday season! When you check out, simply enter the code RLP at or mention us when you call them at 888-733-5238.