Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to announce the Revolutionary Love Learning Hub! What are the essential tools and practices to anchor your life and community in revolutionary love? Four years in the making, our online learning hub is now ready for you.


Explore the learning hub here!


The hub includes teaching videos, educational curricula, home practices, definitions, illustrations, music and courses. You can use it for your own learning and growth. You can also bring it to your classrooms, houses of worship, organizations, and communities. The learning hub is free of charge. We created this resource for everyone, everywhere.

I am so excited to share this learning hub with you. It is the culmination of four years of research and collaboration, led by Dr. Melissa Canlas, our Education Director and Professor of Education at the University of San Francisco. I worked closely with Melissa while crafting the framework for revolutionary love and writing the book See No Stranger. Meanwhile, Melissa led a team of research fellows in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, ethics, education, peace-building and public health. Drawing from multi-disciplinary research, she wrote a cutting-edge curriculum. The result: a research-backed, wisdom-infused learning tool for building beloved community.

In recent months, thousands of you have joined us in our mass mobilizations, from the People’s Inauguration to the Solidarity Vigil. Together we recommitted to a future where we are all safe and free. Our learning hub is the tool to support you in this labor through 2021 and beyond.

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This is just the beginning. Our vision is to inspire and equip a critical mass of people, all across the nation, to seed pockets of revolutionary love right where they are. We aim to expand this learning hub over time with tools for elementary schools, families, faith groups, and more. Click here to donate to support this education work.

Thank you to everyone who made this learning hub possible, especially Amy Olrick, our Technologist at the Revolutionary Love Project, who designed the beautiful online platform. And Julianna Piazzola, Director of Research and Programming, who shaped the materials with me.

Special thank you to all of you who have donated to this project in the last few years. You made it possible for us to build this tool and offer it for free. Please explore and let us know what you think!


Watch my welcome video! Inside this learning hub:

#1 The Revolutionary Love Compass: Ten core practices of revolutionary love, brought to life through definitions, illustrations, and home practices.

#2 Educator’s Guide: A comprehensive curriculum to teach revolutionary love, designed for high school and college classrooms and adult learners. You can use this as an individual or as part of a group.

#3 Reader’s Guide: A tool for discussion and reflection as you read See No Stranger.

#1 The Revolutionary Love Compass: Explore each of the ten core practices of revolutionary love. Enter each “doorway” to learn how to bring that practice into your life.

#2 Educator’s Guide: Calling all teachers, professors, faith leaders, community leaders, and learners of all kinds! Use these lesson plans to bring revolutionary love to your classroom or community. Download the guide for a suggested donation or for free.

We drew from wisdom past and present, from the Black Lives Matter movement to disability justice, Grace Lee Boggs to bell hooks, in order to build this educational experience for you.

#3 The Reader’s Guide: Dive deeper into Valarie Kaur’s book See No Stranger with provocative questions and writing prompts on revolutionary love. Use this guide as an individual or as part of a reader’s group.