Dear Friends,

We are amid a national and global uprising for black lives the world has never seen. Millions of us are flooding the streets, risking our lives, to call for justice since George Floyd’s public lynching. Millions more are rising up in solidarity. As this movement builds, how do we move from resistance to reimagining America?

Join me in conversation with Van Jones on Thursday, June 18, 5pm PT for a virtual gathering on remaking and reimagining America — and rooting our revolution in love.

It will be a special event. We will explore how we can use the tools of revolutionary love to remake America. My book SEE NO STRANGER: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love comes out on Tuesday, June 16th! Van is joining me in this big kick-off to launch the book into the world, hosted by Dream Corps and One World, Random House.  If you haven’t pre-ordered the book yet, order here.

This is an unprecedented moment: Minneapolis is dismantling its police department. Los Angeles and other cities are moving money from policing into black and brown communities. New legislation is on the table to end police misconduct. Racism has been declared a public health crisis. This revolution was made possible by movement leaders who have been in the labor for decades — now joined by newly inaugurated activists.

What happens next? How do we reimagine policing, prisons, and public safety in America? Join us as we reimagine a society where we see no stranger.

Grateful to be in this labor with you,

P.S. In FOUR DAYS my book will finally be out. I can’t wait for June 16th! Stay tuned for how to #seenostranger with us all next week. Pre-order your copy HERE.

See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur

You are invited to our Virtual Gathering on Thursday, June 18th.

In conversation with special guest, Van Jones, Valarie will orient us to the historical moment, read an excerpt from her book, and host a live Q&A. We encourage you to pre-order SEE NO STRANGER: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love, out June 16th!
All are welcome.

Watch Valarie’s powerful national eulogy for George, Skylar, and all we have lost to COVID-19 and police violence. She delivered this on Sunday at the National Eulogy and Interfaith Service of Mourning, hosted by Rev. William Barber II and The Poor People’s Campaign.

The Revolutionary Love Project envisions a world where love is a public ethic and shared practice in our lives and politics. We generate stories, tools, and thought leadership to equip people to practice the ethic of love in the fight for social justice.

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