CALLING ALL Sikh American women committed to social justice!

CALLING ALL Sikh American women committed to social justice!

CALLING ALL Sikh American women committed to social justice! We are looking for you to fill out this SURVEY or share this post with anyone you know who identifies as a Sikh woman and demonstrates a track record of and dedication to social justice in America. For the last two years, we have brought Sikh women together in a pilot program called the Mai Bhago Leadership Circle — retreats that equip Sikh women with sisterhood, support, and leadership training. I’m proud to share that the success of our pilot has led us to exploring a formal launch of the program. But we want to be sure we are designing with and for our Sikh sisters! So please fill out this survey:

Here’s my story. For most of my life as a Sikh woman activist, I have felt alone. I was fighting on three fronts — hate and racism against our community, sexism within our community, and invisibility even among our allies. When I began to catch glimpses of other Sikh women in the trenches — warriors like Jo Kaur, Nitasha Sawhney, Nirinjan Khalsa, Balpreet Kaur, Aasees Kaur, and Jasvir Rababan — I realized that I was never alone. My sisters were always there laboring for progressive social change; we just hadn’t come together yet. I dreamt of changing that. The Mai Bhago Leadership Circle was born, named after Mai Bhago the first Sikh woman warrior. The women above became my co-chairs. And we have had two incredible pilot years, thanks to the support of Auburn Seminary The Sikh Coalition and Revolutionary Love. The experience has been life-changing for me — it has generated relationships that anchor me in the singular strength of Sikh sisterhood. Every. Single. Day. Now we are exploring how to spread the magic through the launch of a formal program.

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And if you just want to HELP, share this post with other Sikh women you know. Let them know — they are not alone. They are the Mai Bhagos of our time. #SikhWomenLead #MaiBhago #Sisterhood