Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of the year, we want to thank you for journeying with us! Our founder Valarie Kaur recorded this video to say thank you — and put out a call: Will you be one of our #Beloved200? Watch the 1-minute video here:

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Your donation makes our work possible.

Together with Valarie, we envision a nation and world where love is a public ethic in our communities and institutions. The mission of the Revolutionary Love Project is to produce stories, curricula, media, and mass mobilizations that support this moral vision. In the works right now: books, films, television, courses, retreats, and grassroots campaigns that take us through 2020 — all aimed at reclaiming love in our lives and activism as a force for justice.

Many think that we are a bigger organization that we are. Our projects have ranged from contributing to Emmy-award winning shows to curating hundreds of campus dialogues to mobilizing thousands in the political process. We’re a tiny team that relies on committed volunteers. And we make every cent stretch. We crunched the numbers and realized that we need only 200 monthly donors to pledge $15/month to ensure basic operations far into the future. That’s it, and we’re already 60% there!

If you want to see more of this vision in the world, can you become a Monthly Donor? Click here to donate $15/month and become one of our beloved 200!

We will mail you a beautiful postcard featuring original art of our movement as a thank-you gift — and you will be the first to know of the work we produce in the coming months. If you’d like to make a larger tax-deductible donation, just reply to this email and we’ll get you the details.

With love,
Amy, Elizabeth, Julianna and all of us at the Revolutionary Love Project

P.S. Valarie went into labor 4 days after recording this video. We are excited to announce that Baby Joy is safely here! May we all continue to labor with love for one another and the next generation…

Here’s just some of what we’ve done together in 2018:

  • 200+ watch parties and dialogues on how to practice love in the face of hate and white nationalism, based on Valarie’s TED talk “3 Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Time of Rage” (1+ million views)
  • 2,000 voting parties organized by the #VoteTogether campaign and partners like us to get out the vote during the midterms.
  • 550 partners + 120 thought leaders + 50,000 members engaged in online action campaigns throughout the year plus —
  • 14 million+ people reached online in our annual Valentine’s Day campaign with #LoveArmy and partners to #reclaimlove as a force for justice.
  • Emmy win for a groundbreaking episode on Sikhs in America we contributed to on CNN’s United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell.
  • Mai Bhago Leadership Retreat to equip Sikh women justice leaders in partnership with Auburn Seminary & The Sikh Coalition.
  • Inspiring panels at the Revolutionary Love Conference hosted by Middle Collegiate Church with thought leaders such as Parker Palmer, America Ferrera, Rabbi Sharon Brous, and Van Jones, plus —
  • First-ever Revolutionary Love Concert featuring Ani di Franco, Ari Afsar, and more artists, producing music to root our movement in joy.

In the works right now: books, films, television, courses, retreats and action campaigns that take us through 2020.

Will you continue this labor of love with us?

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