Invitation to the Revolutionary Love Conference

Dear Friends,

Millions of us have marched, rallied, and called Congress to fight bans and protect health care. Every act of resistance matters. But here´s the truth:

No number of policy wins will solve the conditions that gave rise to this presidency or this era of polarization, nationalism, and rage. We need solutions that change our culture and politics.

I am excited to invite you to the Revolutionary Love Conference on April 28-30 in New York City. We will gather to ask: How do we make love a public ethic in American consciousness and politics? How can we harness this ethic to change the way we see one another, talk to one another, dismantle racism, practice democracy, and fight for justice?

We are co-hosting the conference with my sister Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis at Middle Collegiate Church. Jacqui and I will speak alongside thought leaders Rev. Dr. William Barber, Rev. Traci Blackmon, Van Jones, Brian McLaren, Bill Moyers, Zainab Salbi and many more. Here is the schedule.

We have designed the conference in three parts — Revolutionary Love for Others, Opponents, and Ourselves. In each part, we will hold panels on theory as well as tools and tactics. We invite you to join and enrich the discussion with your own stories and ideas as we build this movement together.

You can register here:

Use the code BREATHEPUSH for 25% off the conference fee. The code expires on April 22. There are also student and activist rates available. If the fees are prohibitive, please write Revolutionary Love Fellow Meha Chiraya at

Thank you — we hope to see you in NYC!