Here are images from the film, taken over the last few years:

A poster for the film that features Sher Singh, the Sikh man who was arrested off a Boston-bound train on September 12, 2001, as the first suspected terrorist. Although his charges were dropped within hours, footage of his arrest played on national media outlets for three days. (Poster by Raj Dhillon)

A collage of faces and places from our journey, including: Phul, Daman, and Chadani the nephews and niece of Balbir Singh Sodhi, the first man to be killed in a hate crime post-9/11; Dr. Navinderdeep Nijher, a Sikh man who was one of the first physicians at ground-zero; images of flowers and posters from Balbir Singh Sodhi’s memorial in Mesa, Arizona; and Sher Singh at Capital Hill, also featured above. (Collage by Robbie Singh)

Here is the first time I spoke about my journey in January 2002, three days after I returned from doing my last interview with Balbir Singh Sodhi’s widow in Punjab, India. The event was called “Voices of September 11” at Stanford University, organized by Tommy Lee Woon.

This poster is from the Spinning Wheel Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, now in its third year. My film has featured every year at the festival as a work-in-progress. This is where I met Sharat Raju, who screened his short film AMERICAN MADE. Sharat now leads “Divided We Fall” as director-producer. Many thanks to Spinning Wheel (especially T. Sher Singh, Kulvir Singh, and crew) for supporting our project and helping it grow.

The audience at the Spinning Wheel Film Festival, watching our films.