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December 2011

An Open Letter to Steve Hafner, CEO of Kayak

Dear Mr. Hafner: … Let me first say that is bookmarked on my computer.  I think it’s the best travel site out there.  I’ve used Kayak for every single flight I have ever booked since 2005.  And I travel a lot — at least 50,000 miles a year.  You provide a tool I use all the time. So when I read your blog post yesterday, defending your company’s decision not to renew advertising of “All-American Muslim” on TLC, I was furious.  I was troubled when anti-Muslim groups like the Florida Family Association (FFA) began to target the show for […]

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Calling on American Companies to Stand Up to Bigotry

All-American Muslim is TLC’s bold new reality TV show that follows Muslim American families in Dearborn, MI. It has all the features of reality television – funny, dramatic, sensational, addictive – but it also tackles real-world struggles: family and marriage, racism, religious conflict, and how life changed after 9/11. It made me excited – the first truly mainstream portrait of Muslims in America. Last week, fringe anti-Muslim groups pressured American companies to pull their advertising dollars from the show – and it worked! Lowe’s Home Improvement caved in. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Almost overnight, more than […]

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All-American Muslim… Sikh, et al.

For the last decade, we have heard demands for mainstream Muslims to come out of the shadows, to speak out against terrorism, and reclaim their faith.  What better way to tell one’s stories than though film and television?  And what is more quintessentially American these days than telling one’s story through reality TV? This fall’s new TLC show All-American Muslim takes on the daring project of depicting Muslim families as real people.  Anti-Muslim groups selected the show as its most recent target, calling upon advertisers to pull ads from TLC.  When Lowe’s caved in and pulled its advertising dollars this […]

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