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July 2011

Why Oslo is Our Call to Change

Oslo is everywhere. As we see bodies recovered and hear stories of young people who survived the massacre, our hearts ache.  But in the last few days, we’ve learned that we are closer to the tragedy than we can imagine. The killer is not a “Muslim terrorist,” as many conservatives in this country were quick to conclude.  Anders Breivik is a right-wing Christian directly influenced by a small group of anti-Muslim American bloggers and activists who claim that Muslim immigrants threaten western civilization. Robert Spencer, who runs Jihad Watch web site, is cited in his 1500 page manifesto 62 times.  […]

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Day at the White House

On June 22, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon at the White House at the invitation of the President. A typical work day.  I was invited as one of 150 community leaders across the country for a briefing and reception in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage. The invitation came as a surprise — and a long-held dream come true.  To shake the President’s hand and say… what?  Once the possibility became real, I didn’t know where I would begin.  So Sharat and I asked our friends, colleagues, and supporters to tell us what they would […]

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