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May 2011

One Blue Marble at a Time…

Earlier this month, I was honored to share a few words at Auburn Theological Seminary’s stunning annual event Lives of Commitment.  The result?  Troubling the waters and healing the world, one blue marble at a time… Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur calls for a groundswell of compassion and mobilization to bridge religious divides at Auburn’s Lives of Commitment held on May 6th in New York City. Groundswell is a new multifaith initiative that will help channel the aspirations of the emerging generation and inspire strategic action for justice. Learn more about Groundswell by visiting Auburn’s Web site and clicking here. Watch […]

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Bin Laden’s Death: Why I Can’t Celebrate

Osama bin Laden’s face is all over the television.  People are flooding the streets waving American flags.  The President speaks of our unity and resolve as a nation.  And 9/11 is on everyone’s mind.  This has all happened before. Except this time, ten years after 9/11, we are not grieving death; we are celebrating death.  We have slain Osama bin Laden – the one who first slayed us.  And we are singing and laughing and high-fiving.  As if this is the end.  As if violence can end a cycle of retaliation.  As if retribution can bring the dead back.  As […]

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