Month: March 2011

Bending the Arc

How do we make people see the common thread in different struggles for justice and inspire them to enter a new frontier altogether?  Only storytelling at its best: The Wired for Change campaign video links racial justice, climate justice, human rights, and the emerging campaign […]

On Grandfathers and Grief

As I write this, my eyes are swollen from crying.  It’s not that I’m not accustomed to the news.  Taxi drivers shot.  Kids bullied.  Gurdwaras set on fire.  And the routine “hey Osama” on the street.  For ten years, I’ve documented hate against Sikh Americans, […]

Two Elderly Sikh Men Gunned Down, CA

Two elderly Sikh men, who wore turbans and beards, were gunned down in Elk Grove, CA during their daily afternoon walk.  Hate is not the confirmed motivation but likely, according to officials.  This news comes in a time when anti-Muslim rhetoric is once again reaching […]

"Anti-Muslim Protest Terrified My Kids"

Here is Salon’s article giving voice to a mother who walked past screaming protesters at the recent anti-Muslim protest in Orange County: By now, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a video rocketing around the Web of anti-Muslim protesters screaming at families entering an Islamic […]

Fear and Hate on Display

Watch this video. Fear and hate for Muslim Americans on full display at a protest against a charity fundraiser in Yorba Linda, California. Children walk past as protesters scream “TERRORIST” and “REMEMBER 9/11.” I have a lump in my throat, but now is the time […]