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January 2011

Ugandan LGBT Advocate Killed

David Kato, an LGBT advocate and spokesperson with Sexual Minorities Uganda, was found bludgeoned to death in his home near the Ugandan capital of Kampala. It is currently unclear if his death is linked to his activism, but his name was included in a published list of the “Top 100 Homosexuals in Uganda” with a call to “Hang Them.” Currently in Uganda, “homosexual acts” may be punishable by 14 years to life in prison, but there is also a proposed bill that seeks to make homosexuality punishable by death, which is being pushed by Ugandan MP David Bahati. The National […]

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Portrait of Renewal

My mornings begin with the sound of parrots.  I shake off the dust of dreams, stumble onto the veranda, play my Kabir shabads, and focus on the rain forest as I move and breathe on my yoga mat.  My parents cook up breakfast inside: Punjabi prontas, omelettes, orange juice and freshly cut pineapple.  These are the holidays in my family’s new home in Dominicalito, Costa Rica. I write the rest of the morning, or fail to write.  The important thing is the sitting still.  Sometimes my dad will call out, and we will all run outside and spot a family […]

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Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, gave a stunning TED talk, offering women pursuing careers three pieces of practical advice, short and sweet.  Sit at the table.  Make your partner a real partner.  And don’t leave before you leave. Sandberg says that her generation is not going to change the number of women at the top.  She’s right. But the millennial generation has a shot.  We’ve got 20 years.  Ready, go.

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