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February 2007

ECAASU at Yale – New Haven, CT

We have been invited to Yale University to screen as part of the annual ECAASU Conference – the East Coast Asian American Student Union. It is a cold February night as two hundred students gather in a theater to watch the film and talk. This particular audience is all about the connections… “Did Sikhs think there would be an internment like in World War?” – “I see parallels between the Sikh and Jewish experiences. Is there a theology of martyrdom for Sikhs?” “I am half-Japanese and my family lived through internment. I see the parallels now like never before. Discrimination […]

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A Sea of One Thousand at UConn – Storrs, CT

I blink. There are one thousand people in the audience, but the stage lights blind me, and all I can make out is the roar of applause coming from a dark moving sea of people. This is our largest audience yet, and they are giving us a standing ovation. I send a smile of gratitude over to our host Angela Rola, Director of the Asian American Cultural Center at the University of Connecticut. Sharat and I take a deep breath and then the Q&A begins. “My grandparents are from Poland,” one student begins. “They were immigrants and faced the same […]

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Winter at Dartmouth – Hanover, NH

On all sides, endless white snow. The snow-draped trees stretch to the horizon as far as I can see outside my car window. I have never driven through New England in February, and now Sharat Raju and I make our way between snow falls to Dartmouth College for Divided We Fall’s New Hampshire premiere. The road is long and the winter is breathtaking. Somewhere nestled in the snow, we find the small town of Hanover. A population of 6,000 people, the town’s Main Street is one block long. It leads to the smallest of the Ivy Leagues Dartmouth College, grand […]

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Courageous Dialogue at Delta – Stockton, CA

I am blinking in the stage lights. I can barely make out the faces of the nearly 400 people who have filled the plush red seats of the enormous theater. There are tiny beams of light in the back of the theater – ushers dressed in black and white attire using flashlights to show people to their seats. I take a deep breath and welcome everyone to the Stockton premiere of Divided We Fall at San Joaquin Delta College in our most elegant venue yet. Delta College is a community college nestled in California’s San Joaquin Valley – a few […]

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Stanford & Berkeley Homecoming – SF Bay, CA

This week, I came home. On Sunday night, we screened Divided We Fall at Stanford University and then crossed the San Francisco Bay on Wednesday night for a screening at UC Berkeley. Although these two schools are divided by the bay, not to mention decades of rivalry, I crossed the bridge between them more times than I can remember as a college student: my weekdays were spent on the sun-drenched Stanford campus (pictured) and my weekends in the down-to-earth streets and cafes of Berkeley. Nearly four years after graduating, I returned to Stanford to share the film that began as […]

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