On January 21, 2021, the day after the presidential inauguration, we will hold the “People’s Inauguration.” We will come together as human beings to recommit to the project of building a nation with liberty and justice for all. We the people will rise up in live and virtual events, teach-ins, artist uprisings, music concerts, vigils, around-the-table family ceremonies, and intimate rituals – an open and distributed experience with infinite manifestations. Some events will focus on grief and healing, others on truth and reckoning, still others on joy and rising. All of them will have one thing in common: an oath that recommits us to our core values and to each other.

Sound government is necessary but not sufficient to heal and transition America into a society where we are all safe and free. That work belongs to us, we the people. Only we can bring our communities together, tend our wounds, and begin the labor of reckoning, reimagining and remaking our nation block-by-block, heart-to-heart. We need an experience of collective renewal and moral vision anchored in love — the fierce commitment to leave no one outside our circle of care. Read more here.

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