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During the "Weekend of Resistance" in Ferguson, Missouri, I appeared on "The Melissa Harris-Perry Show" to discuss  why the Weekend and #FergusonOctober calls upon us to confront not just police accountability but race in America. You can watch our panel's segment here: http://www.msnbc.com/melissa-harris-perry/watch/anti-police-violence-movement-draws-youth-340967491740

"How quiet can 1,000 people be?  When Valarie Kaur spoke at a noontime gathering November 10, the Minneapolis Convention Center was so silent that the only sound was that of the muted traffic from nearby 12th Street.  Kaur, the keynote speaker at It's Time To Talk: Forums on Race, held the audience spellbound as she asked us to remember and experience again the feeling of being an outsider.  The seventh annual gathering was invigorating and inspiring." - Becky Roloff, CEO of the Young Women's Christian Association of Minnesota Check out