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As many of you know, for the last decade, I've had the opportunity to tour with Divided We Fall, leading dialogues on campuses and communities in 200 cities across the country. And I began to notice something -- a rising generation of people like me were tired of partisan politics and hungry for meaningful social action. Many of us found it in the campaign of President Obama. And while I'm proud to have worked on his campaign, it's clear now that we need more than a president

We did it.  In ten days, working with an amazing core of volunteers, we conceived, developed, and launched a full-fledged campaign!  In the first 24 hours, we have hit 36 states, hundreds of co-signers and several news outlets.  And we have only just begun. Sign the Charter.  Host a Dialogue.  Spread the Word. On the 9/11 anniversary tomorrow, as some groups threaten to burn the Qur'an, I invite you to raise your voice and stand for your own vision of America through Common Ground. Share on facebook, blast

This morning, I am proud to announce that we launched our campaign!  The Common Ground Campaign urges young people around the country to join us in our pledge to stand against the recent wave of anti-Muslim violence and form common ground through compassionate dialogue: Thanks to an amazing core of students who worked around the clock this weekend, we are launching in time for the nine-year 9/11 anniversary.  Be the first to sign the charter and spread the word.