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Dear Friends, There is a cavern in my chest. One week ago today, we lost a giant in the labor for racial justice. Congressman John Lewis' indefatigable commitment to civil rights spans close to six decades. He became our nation's moral conscience. He was arrested, beaten bloody, skull fractured. And still he showed up to the labor, over and over, urging us to never to fear getting into good and necessary trouble. What does it mean for us to be as brave as the ancestors we cherish?   Practice. Together. So

A call to action: If you grieve the police officers killed in Dallas and the black people shot by police, if you believe we can demand police accountability and join hands with police officers who want to end racism and violence, if you hunger to channel anger and grief into #revolutionarylove, then please read and sign this letter. We are going to deliver this letter to police departments and Black Lives Matter chapters across the country. I wrote this letter with prophetic faith leaders Jacqui Lewis Brian D. McLaren Gene Robinson Sister Simone Campbell and Michael-Ray Mathews. In