who we are

Founded by civil rights leader and visionary voice, Valarie Kaur, the Revolutionary Love Project inspires and equips people to build beloved community where they are, centered around the ethic of love. We teach core practices of revolutionary love, backed by research and infused with ancestral wisdom. Our team produces educational tools, training courses, artwork, films, music, and mass mobilizations to empower people from all walks of life to reclaim love as a force for justice — to “see no stranger”, be brave with our grief, harness our rage, return to wonder, reimagine our institutions, and fight for humanity.

what is revolutionary love

Love is a form of sweet labor — fierce, bloody, imperfect, and life-giving. Revolutionary Love is the choice to labor for others, our opponents, and ourselves. Love has been captured by greeting cards and pop songs as personal and romantic — too fickle and sentimental to be a revolutionary force. But the greatest social reformers in history grounded entire movements in the ethic of love. Revolutionary Love is the call of our times.

why now

We believe it’s time to reclaim love as a public ethic. In an era of enormous grief and rage, we must resist policies and acts of hate that threaten our most vulnerable communities. Resistance alone will not deliver us: We need a cultural intervention to birth a new future- where love is a force for justice and a wellspring for social change. Each of us has a role. When we lead with love, we labor with joy, and we begin to see no stranger.

America is in transition. Sound government is necessary – but it’s not enough to create a society where we are all free.

This work belongs to us, the people.

The Revolutionary Love Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub equips people and communities with the tools to practice revolutionary love for personal and political transformation. We offer a variety of resources to learn about and teach revolutionary love in classrooms, community spaces, or independent study. Our curriculum draws upon Valarie Kaur’s book See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.

Are you ready to explore the practices of revolutionary love?

The Declaration of
Revolutionary Love

We pledge to rise up in Revolutionary Love.

We declare our love for all who are in harm’s way — refugees, immigrants, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, queer and trans people, Black people, Indigenous people, Asian Americans, Latinx people, the disabled, women and girls, working-class people and poor people. We vow to see one another as brothers, sisters, and siblings. Our humanity binds us together, and we vow to fight for a world where all of us can flourish.

We declare love even for our opponents. We oppose all policies that threaten the rights and dignity of any person. We vow to fight not with violence or vitriol, but by challenging the cultures and institutions that promote hate. In this way, we will challenge our opponents through the ethic of love.

We declare love for ourselves. We will protect our capacity for joy. We will rise and dance. We will honor our ancestors whose bodies, breath, and blood call us to a life of courage. In their name, we choose to see this darkness not as the darkness of the tomb – but of the womb. We will breathe and push through the pain of this era to birth a new future.

“The future is dark — Is this the darkness of the tomb, or the darkness of the womb? Is our nation dead or still waiting to be born? We choose to believe that our nation is in transition. We are in labor. Labor requires pain — and love. Revolutionary Love is the call of our times.” – Valarie Kaur, civil rights leader and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

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Love can be taught, modeled, and practiced.

When we lead with love, we labor with joy.

The Revolutionary Love Project is a project of Community Partners, a nonprofit fiscal sponsor and intermediary organization that provides us with administrative services, expert guidance, and the benefits of tax-exempt status.