Dear Beloved Community:

The midterm election is on Tuesday, November 8th! On the ballot are issues that will impact our bodies, our communities, our climate, and our democracy. Every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs, as are 35 U.S. Senate seats and 36 governorships. Our votes on Tuesday will shape the course of history.

I invite you to reclaim your vote as an act of love — love for one another, our earth, and future generations.

When I feel despair nip at my heels, I remember my grandfather’s story. When he arrived in America in 1913 as a Punjabi farmer, immigration officers took one look at his beard and turban and threw him into detention. It was a time of white nationalist rage and elected leaders fueled terror and violence (sound familiar?). My grandfather would have been deported — I would not be here — if it weren’t for a white lawyer, an ally who helped set him free. Still, it took decades of organizing for dark-skinned immigrants like him to win the right to vote. Once my grandfather finally became a citizen, he was an elderly man with a white flowing beard. But he never missed an election. Even when he was old and frail in his nineties, my father carried my grandfather to the polls in his arms. Just so he could cast his ballot.

My grandfather had every reason to give up on this country. And yet, he stayed in the fight. For us.

That’s the kind of ancestor I want to be.

This election, no matter how dark it feels, I ask you to stay faithful to the labor. Refuse apathy. Make a plan to vote. Carry others to the polls with you.

Breathe — and then push.

Let us birth a nation that has never been, in the history of the world, a nation made up of other nations, a nation that is truly multi racial, multi faith, multi cultural, where power is shared and we strive to protect the dignity and the wellness and the safety of all.

Let us remember that when a critical mass of people come together to wonder about one another, grieve with one another, and fight with and for one another, we begin to build the solidarity needed for collective liberation and transformation—a solidarity rooted in love. Let your vote be an act of love. One vote is a declaration. All our votes together? A revolution.