Hello beloved friends!
I’m excited to announce a new online course that is out today! I have waited a long time to share this news with you — and now it’s ready!  It’s called The Secret Wellspring: Uncover Your Wisdom Within. 

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The Secret Wellspring: Uncover Your Wisdom Within

What if courage, clarity, and joy weren’t fleeting, but a way of being in the world? What if we could make every choice from love instead of fear? There is a secret wellspring of wisdom within you, waiting to be found. I invite you to take this transformation lab with me, so that we can find it together.

Since I was a child, I wrestled with the Little Critic in me — the voice that told me that I was not strong enough, smart enough, or good enough. Then almost by accident, I discovered a source of wisdom inside of me. I began to call her the Wise Woman. She began to guide me and tell me when to breathe and when to push. I developed simple practices for how to find her inside me, and the practices changed my life. Listening to the Wise Woman in me is how I finally learned how to love myself.

Whenever I’m on the road with the message of Revolutionary Love, I hear: I’m in! But how do you know where to start? So I tell the story of how I learned to listen to my Wise Woman, and they ask: How did I find that in my life? And so, this course was finally born. I’m thrilled to share this tool for the first time here in partnership with Sounds True.

I believe that deep wisdom resides within each of us — a luminous voice that can ignite love and bravery beyond what we thought was possible. In an era of crisis and uncertainty, when it’s easy to react from fear and anxiety, listening to our Wisdom Within is a revolutionary tool. It’s a way to transform the world from the inside out.

Are you ready to hear the voice of your Wisdom Within?

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Thank you so much! Holding you each in love and gratitude.

In Chardi Kala — even in darkness, ever-rising joy,

“I believe that deep wisdom resides within each of us. Some call this voice by different sacred names—Spirit, God, Jesus, Allah, Om, Buddha-nature, Waheguru. Others think of this voice as the intuition one hears when in a calm state of mind.

Whatever name we choose, listening to our deepest wisdom requires disciplined practice. The loudest voices in the world right now are ones running on the energy of fear, criticism, and cruelty. The voices we spend the most time listening to, in the world and inside our own minds, shape the way we see, how we feel, and what we do.

When I spend time listening to people who are speaking from their deepest wisdom, I can feel understanding, inspiration, and energy nourish the root of my own wisdom. But I must not lose myself at the feet of others.

My most vigilant spiritual practice is finding the seconds of solitude to get quiet enough to hear the Wise Woman in me.

– See No Stranger