August 2017

I will be giving a Ted Talk this fall - the announcement just went up! I am putting together stories + studies in ethics, law and even science to make the case for why Revolutionary Love is the call of our times. Especially in the face of white supremacist violence. Deep breath. If you can, please join my parents, baby Kavi, and me in New Orleans this November! Click on these links for information on tickets and on the inspiring line up.   Photo taken from

A note from Valarie: Some joyful personal news! I’m working with a publisher to write a book on Revolutionary Love, a memoir/manifesto that responds to this moment in history. It’s hard to describe what this means in my life. I took my first book-writing course in college fifteen years ago this semester. It was shortly after 9/11 and starting a life as an activist, I had a sense that the stories I was collecting needed to be heard. Fast forward, and the stories now fill a treasure chest.

On August 5, 2012, a white supremacist opened fire inside a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, WI, taking the lives of six people and permanently injuring others. Today hate crimes continue to threaten our communities and Oak Creek is largely a forgotten tragedy. But the story of Oak Creek provides moral inspiration AND a strategic blueprint for how to respond to hate with #RevolutionaryLove. Valarie Kaur and the Revolutionary Love Fellows are working right now on a feature length film to tell the untold story of Oak