April 2017

My visit to Kansas City this week broke my heart open. It has been 2 months since Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed by a man who yelled, "Get out of my country." I met with Alok Madesani, his best friend who was shot and survived; Ian Grillot chased the gunman to stop him from shooting more people and was shot multiple times; Mindy Corporan who lost her son and father in the shooting at a Jewish Community Center in 2014 and has come to stand by them as

This article originally appeared in the Washington Post on April 26, 2017. When Linda Sarsour got involved in planning a massive Women’s March for the day after President Trump’s inauguration, she needed dozens of speakers to give brief remarks onstage. Sarsour, a Muslim activist, quickly found diverse and willing participants of faith, including a rabbi from California, a nun who travels the country. All were women she had last seen in November at a gathering of a new network of eminent religious leaders. This little-known group — which has 18 members,

Dear Friends, As we approach 100 days into this administration, I want to share with you the most powerful and life-giving moment of our year: Just over a week ago, we gathered with immigrant families and faith leaders at a church in downtown Los Angeles and listened to stories of those swept up in recent raids, including Romulo Avelica who was arrested in front of his daughter on the way to school. In their name, we marched from the church to the local immigration detention center in song, music,

Dear Friends, Millions of us have marched, rallied, and called Congress to fight bans and protect health care. Every act of resistance matters. But here´s the truth: No number of policy wins will solve the conditions that gave rise to this presidency or this era of polarization, nationalism, and rage. We need solutions that change our culture and politics. I am excited to invite you to the Revolutionary Love Conference on April 28-30 in New York City. We will gather to ask: How do we make love a public ethic