February 2017

Dear Friends,On Tuesday, Feb 14th, thousands of you took part in the Day of Revolutionary Love, Day of Rising! Together we generated hundreds of calls to Congress, hundreds of love letters, and thousands of events held across the US and around the world, including a powerful and life-giving Artistic Uprising in New York City.You can watch our Facebook Live with the Women's March where we go behind the scenes of the Artistic Uprising with Eve Ensler and talk about Revolutionary Love as an ethic and call to

This entry was originally posted on OnFaith. When we love even in the face of fear and rage, we can transform relationships, our culture, and our country. Love becomes revolutionary. Since the President’s executive orders began to come down, we have barely had a chance to breathe. Thousands of people – including those who have never protested before – have rallied at airports, held vigils, supported legal action, called Congress, flooded social media with our voices and even engaged in civil disobedience. Our show of resistance helped stop the

This was originally posted by Auburn Seminary. Since the executive orders started coming down, we have barely had a chance to breathe. Thousands of you took to the streets, showed up at airports, held vigils, called Congress, and even supported civil disobedience. Our show of resistance helped win a restraining order on the ban on Muslims and refugees – it’s temporary relief but a true moral victory. All this in only 20 days. Will we burn out? If we let fear, fatigue, rage, or despair overcome us – yes, our

This piece originally appeared in the India New England News. Valarie Kaur, Northeastern University’s 2017 Interfaith Leadership Fellow, delivered a talk on Friday, February 11, at 5 p.m. in the Curry Student Center Ballroom titled “Revolutionary Love in an Era of Enormous Rage.” Her speech will serve as the cornerstone of the second annual New England Interfaith Student Summit, which is hosted by Northeastern’s Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service in partnership with other universities and interfaith nonprofits across the region. The two-day event—which is designed to educate participants in