October 2015

Here is my address on "revolutionary love" at the Parliament of the World's Religions. It is directed to a particular audience, but I am thinking of centering my book on its core message. If you watch, tell me: what most speaks to you? What does revolutionary love look like in your life? It would be so helpful to hear! In my own life, I have seen this kind of revolutionary love change the world around us and within us. It is the love of Guru Nanak founder of

URGENT: This weekend, hateful protests are planned at Muslim community centers & mosques in 20 cities in America in a coordinated effort called "Global Rally for Humanity." If you're a Sikh or Muslim American, you've likely received an email urging us to be cautious and vigilant against the threat of hate violence. Simply, it's a frightening moment. I don't want to see bloodshed this weekend. I choose to believe that our public solidarity and love can overwhelm and prevent hate. What can you do? Stand with us.