Valarie’s programs for universities, colleges and law schools focus on religion, racism,   storytelling, progressive lawyering and more.  She delivers dynamic keynote lectures for large audiences or lead intimate workshops and discussions for small groups.  At the core of Valarie’s work is teaching students how to engage people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds.  She has designed programs that use a frame of inclusiveness to explore multiple themes.

“Divided We Fall is a reminder of American potential, of the strength we have when we are united, and of our humanity when we choose compassion over xenophobia and hate. Valarie Kaur, a precocious storyteller, is both eloquent and knowledgeable. I hope she will continue to tell our stories in the future.” –United States Congressman Mike Honda

Presentation topics include:

  • Racism Workshop: Healing Racism in the Body
  • Interviewing Workshop: Drawing Close to the Storyteller’s Mouth
  • Law as Sword & Shield: Fighting the Good Fight
  • Unlearning Biases
  • Mobilizing Individuals and Communities for Civic Engagement

Valarie has delivered programs at the following colleges and universities, among others:

 Students listening to Valarie
Students and community members at Stanford


Please contact Jodi Elliott at groundswell@auburnseminary.org for more information.

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