Valarie’s programs for students and teachers in K-12 public and private schools focus on inclusiveness, civil rights, and stereotypes.  She can deliver dynamic keynote lectures for entire schools or lead intimate workshops and discussions in small classes.  At the core of Valarie’s work is teaching students and teachers how to engage people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds.  She has designed programs for all ages that focus on valuing multiple perspectives, courageous action, and finding common ground.

“Valarie Kaur steered a brave course straight into the hate violence that beset the Sikh community in the aftermath of 9/11. She brings us stories of homegrown terror and fear, as well as stories of hope and forgiveness. Valarie Kaur enables us to hear voices most of us do not hear.” – Diana Eck, leading religion scholar and author of A New Religious America

Presentation topics include:

Valarie has given programs at the following schools, among others:

Valarie working with middle school students in Georgia

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