Law Enforcement

Valarie’s programs for police departments focus on civil rights, stereotypes and unconscious bias. With legal experience working at Yale Law School’s Worker and Immigrants Rights Clinic, she delivers dynamic keynote lectures or lead intimate workshops and discussions in small group settings.  At the core of Valarie’s work is teaching people how to engage others of different religious and ethnic backgrounds.  She has designed programs that take the struggles and concerns of Sikh, Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Americans since Sept. 11, 2001 as case studies in broader explorations of the dynamic between communities and law enforcement.

Presentation topics include:

  • Law Enforcement Workshop: Owning Race in Policing
  • Physiological Affects of Policing in Diverse Cities
  • Fostering Creative Engagement in the Community
  • Developing Cultural Competency for Effective Policing


Workshop at Hertfordshire Police Academy in the UK


Please contact Jodi Elliott at groundswell [at] for more information.


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