Speaking on race, religion, gender, and power, Valarie offers guidance for organizations committed to supporting diversity and to healing the wounds caused by ignorance and fear. She crafts her presentation to suit organizational needs and makes each presentation an authentic, personal communication with the audience, no matter the size.

“Valarie Kaur helps us unite in our shared, common humanity.  Her story reveals what we each can do: find our way without fear and be truth tellers.  May her courage rub off on all of us!”— Frances Moore-Lappe, activist and best-selling author of Diet for a Small Planet

Valarie delivering a keynote in Minneapolis, MN


Presentation topics include:

  • Honoring common ground in the workplace
  • Unlearning biases for workplace efficiency
  • Creating an environment of inclusiveness
  • Ethical engagement for creative action

Her programs and talks are suited for audiences of several thousand for corporate-wide events, as well as for small group and one-on-one sessions. Valarie has delivered programming at the following featured corporations:

Please contact Annette Luba-Lucas at Anderson Literary Management for more information: lectures [at]