Commencement 2015

You can reach Valarie at For media or booking inquiries, drop a line to Annette Luba-Lucas: For book-related inquiries, please contact Margaret Riley King:

If you are interested in a program for your campus or community, below are some of the keynote addresses, lectures, films, and workshops delivered in 200+ cities in North America and around the world. Read reviews of past programs and upcoming appearances.

Keynote addresses and lectures include:

  • “Millennials and a Life of Meaning”
  • “Building a Groundswell for Justice in a Multifaith America”
  • “Revolutionary Love: The Call of Our Times”
  • “The Sikh Faith: Walking the Path of Spiritually-Grounded Service”
  • “A New Generation of Women’s Leadership and the Meaning of Success”
  • “The Quest for Civil Rights: from 9/11 to Guantanamo”
  • “Breaking the Walls: Inside U.S. Prisons and Solitary Confinement”
  • “Divided We Fall: Race, Religion, and Ending Hate in America”
  • “The Law as Sword and Shield: Pursuing a Life of Public Service”
  • “Innovating on the Frontier: A Free, Open, and Democratic Internet”

Workshops and trainings include:

  • “Social Action Campaigns: How to Use Story to Organize for Change”
  • “Writing the Opinion Essay: How to Speak Truth to Power, in 800 Words”
  • “Media Training: Enlighten & Inspire in a Soundbite Culture”
  • “Social Media Training: Reshaping the World, 140 Characters at a Time”
  • “Documentary Film Workshop 101: How to Tell a Story on Screen”
  • “Ethics Workshop for Documentarians: Drawing Close to the Storyteller’s Mouth”
  • “Visual Advocacy for Lawyers: How to Use Film for Clients and Causes”
  • “Wellness Workshop for Activists: Self-Care is a Revolutionary Act”
  • “Diversity Training for Workplaces and Campuses: A Mosaic Not a Melting Pot”
  • “A New Kind of Interfaith Dialogue: Reading the Body as Text”
  • “Embodied Dialogue on Race and Diversity: Crossing the Line”

Film screenings, Q&As, and group dialogues include:

Audiences include:

For more details, please contact Annette Luba-Lucas at Anderson Literary Management: lectures [at]

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  • Just a THANK YOU and BLESSING for all you do in this critical mission!
    You and your family remain in my prayers!!!
    Peace always…
    “Revolutionary LOVE” is certainly central in my humble ministry.
    Deacon Bill

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