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On MSNBC: Will It Be Different After #Boston?

On MSNBC: Will It Be Different After #Boston?

The crisis is over; now the politics begins. On MSNBC, I debrief the Boston Marathon bombing and aftermath from the perspective of Muslim and Sikh American communities. America stands at a crossroads: Will we go down the road of fear and division, as we saw […]

On MSNBC: #NowIsTheTime to End Gun Violence

On MSNBC: #NowIsTheTime to End Gun Violence

“Now is the time to turn that heartbreak into something real,” said President Obama 100 days after the Newtown mass shooting. On MSNBC, I discuss the rise of a diverse movement calling upon Congress to take action on gun violence prevention legislation. You can join […]

On MSNBC: Women and Leaning In

On MSNBC: Women and Leaning In

Sheryl Sandburg asks women to hold fast to personal ambition and “lean in” at work. My question: When women in power lean in, who are they leaning on? What is the good life — and for whom? I had the chance to lift up perspectives […]

Strategic Storytelling in the Oak Creek Case: Tools for Holistic Advocacy

Last fall, I had the pleasure to visit Claremont School of Theology to talk with Najeeba Syeed-Miller about the value of storytelling in promoting understanding and building peace in the wake of the tragic shooting at Oak Creek, WI. Watch below as we discuss the […]

On MSNBC: Inside America’s Prisons

Had the chance to discuss the efficacy of America’s prison system and our latest documentary film The Worst of the Worst about solitary confinement. Really proud to share the work of the Yale Visual Law Project with a national audience on MSNBC. Watch the highlights:

My Grandfather & Voter Suppression

Take 866-OUR-VOTE to the polls with you today to report any threats to election protection! Go vote!

Stamping Money Out of Politics

Read Groundswell’s fact sheet on why stamping money out of politics is a more imperative.

We Are All Sikh Now

Appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. I’m honored to be featured on one of my favorite shows on TV by the smartest, most compassionate host I know, Melissa Harris-Perry.  She discusses my call for efforts to build a world without terror and includes footage my […]

Announcing Our Lawsuit

For the last year and a half, I’ve worked as part of a coalition of church leaders, residents, lawyers and fellow Yale law students to fight against racial profiling in East Haven, CT.  I was proud to join them to announce our next major action: […]

How Women Will Change the World in the 21st Century

Check out this video from Auburn Seminary’s “How Women Will Change the World in the 21st Century” event in NYC. I was so excited to represent what I often call the “Shadow Generation” – those of us who came of age after 9/11. We are diverse, active, […]