Current Projects

Dear Friends, I'm so excited to announce that we are rolling out a campaign with the Women's March, Love Army, Our Three Winners, and many more this Valentine's Day. We are staging a cultural intervention to #reclaimlove as a public ethic and force for justice. Starting this Friday, thousands of people will gather in person and online to connect, share, and learn how to practice Revolutionary Love. Will you join us? The campaign kicks off this weekend with watch parties for my new TED talk on Revolutionary Love -- I can't wait

On Thursday, the new Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai will hold a vote to repeal the core protections of the Open Internet Order. In the lead-up to the vote, telecom giants are championing an order that would give them more control over what happens on the Internet. On the other side of the debate is everyone else — start-ups, businesses, educators, artists, advocates, and people of all backgrounds who are defending net neutrality, the principle that keeps the Internet free of corporate control. They argue that net neutrality is

I'm writing with joyful news! Tonight, the beloved and award-winning television show THIS IS US will include a Sikh American character! It will be a beautiful television moment — but it is also a key step in our movement to change the nation's moral imagination. The stereotype of the "Muslim terrorist" has dominated America's imagination since 9/11 (and before). Every television show, film, and news cycle that portrays us as "them" fuels the unjust policies and acts of hate against our communities. So how do we change that? We

How are you breathing today? Join me in a virtual living room to breathe with us — experience the stories of movement leaders, artists, and activists calling us to courage.  After the election, our warrior-sister America Ferrera shook off despair and co-founded HARNESS to bring together artists and activists on the front-lines of the movement. She invited me to deliver the keynote at the last HARNESS event in Los Angeles. I received far more than I gave: The stories of the panelists made me laugh and weep, and I was breathing deeply, in community. At