Current Projects

I'm writing with joyful news! Tonight, the beloved and award-winning television show THIS IS US will include a Sikh American character! It will be a beautiful television moment — but it is also a key step in our movement to change the nation's moral imagination. The stereotype of the "Muslim terrorist" has dominated America's imagination since 9/11 (and before). Every television show, film, and news cycle that portrays us as "them" fuels the unjust policies and acts of hate against our communities. So how do we change that? We

How are you breathing today? Join me in a virtual living room to breathe with us — experience the stories of movement leaders, artists, and activists calling us to courage.  After the election, our warrior-sister America Ferrera shook off despair and co-founded HARNESS to bring together artists and activists on the front-lines of the movement. She invited me to deliver the keynote at the last HARNESS event in Los Angeles. I received far more than I gave: The stories of the panelists made me laugh and weep, and I was breathing deeply, in community. At

From November 1-3, Valarie will be participating in TEDWomen in New Orleans, LA. She share stories and studies from ethics, law and science to make the case for why Revolutionary Love is the call of our times, especially in the face of white supremacist violence. Click on these links for information on tickets and on the inspiring line up.

A note from Valarie: Some joyful personal news! I’m working with a publisher to write a book on Revolutionary Love, a memoir/manifesto that responds to this moment in history. It’s hard to describe what this means in my life. I took my first book-writing course in college fifteen years ago this semester. It was shortly after 9/11 and starting a life as an activist, I had a sense that the stories I was collecting needed to be heard. Fast forward, and the stories now fill a treasure chest.